Volunteer Activities General Park Help includes:

 Building Maintenance
This volunteer opportunity makes use of general handyman skills. There are needs for carpentry, elecrical, plumbing and other skills.

Ground Maintenance
The park has a sizeable developed area that needs mowing, trimming, planting of flowers, trees and shrubs, along with needed landscaping skills.

Flagpole Garden

This garden is located at the park entrance.  A volunteer could plan, plant, and care for the area during the growing season.

Natural Playscape
This area is located to the west of the handicapped playground. The playscape includes trails and cells which include natural play activities.  Help is needed to maintain and further develop this area. 

Staffing the Gate House
The volunteer who is qualified for this opportunity needs to have a one-year minimum of park volunteer service. Staffing the park entrance gate requires expertise in general office procedures, a background check, and a knowledge of park procedures.  

Workcamper Program

Chester Woods will offer free camping in exchange of volunteering at the park.  A 40 hour work week is expected. This is offered only during the regular camping season and is limited to 10 days.  

The park has Gators and Rangers to transport volunteers to needed locations.

The park has Gators and Rangers to transport volunteers to needed locations.

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The park office is open Monday - Friday, 8:00 am - 4:00 pm. You can always call and leave a message.