There are many park activities that need volunteers

General Park Help


If you would like to volunteer regularly at Chester Woods, and learn about many of the activities of the park, this volunteer category is for you.

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Helping with Programs


Chester Woods and Friends of Chester Woods offer many programs for park visitors.  We can use your help.

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Helping Maintain Trails


There are over 15 miles of trails at Chester Woods which cover the 1333 acres of the park. These trails need maintenance all 4 seasons of the year.

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Helping maintain Chester Lake

Chester Lake is a 110 acre reservoir located in the heart of Chester Woods County Park. No internal

Chester Lake is a 110 acre reservoir. It is used year round fornon-motorized recreational purposes.

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Helping preserve our prairies


Chester Woods is a premiere site in Olmsted County where a number of areas are being returned to native prairie habitat. 

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Helping with Birds & Insects


Monitoring the populations and health of our birds and insects is a special volunteer activity at the park.

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Park History

This is the foundation of the Zieman home from earlier days.

Chester Woods has an interesting history of ownership along with a wide variety of natural history areas.

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Natural Playscape


Located in the developed area of the park, this natural playscape uses natural materials to foster creative play.

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Design Your Own Volunteer Niche


We have volunteers who have a specific skill that is very useful for the park. Do you fit into this category?

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There are many volunteer opportunities at Chester Woods County Park